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Dramatic Architecture is an architectural studio that has been practicing on architecture and object design since 2021.


We believe, poetry in architecture creates a deeper search for understanding our nature, monumentality of things reminds our existence, quality of space let us flow in. We believe, the achievement can be obtained by raw materials, proper techniques and details. The light and form are our tool, nature is our guide. Perfection is an idea that can not be reached, but an obsession which is bittersweet


Politecnico di Milano, Master on Architecture Built Environment and Interiors, 2022, cum laude.

Accademia Adrianea Architettura e Archeologia Onlus, Master on Architecture and Museum Design, 2019.

Istanbul Technical University. Bachelor in Architecture, 2019.

Elif KARABULUT, M.Sc. Architect

Politecnico di Milano, Master on Architecture Built Environment and Interiors, 2023

Politecnico di Milano, Bachelor in Architecture, 2021

irem and elif

Dramatic Architecture in Maxxi Museum by Zaha Hadid, Rome, 2023

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Irem Karabulut Uyaroglu

Piranesi Prix de Rome et d'Athènes 2022-23 Scientific Award

Accademia Adrianea di Architettura e Archeologia Onlus with The Order of Architects, Landscape Planners and Conservators of Rome and province, 2023

1st Prize

With the design team led by Prof. Arch. Francesco Leoni, coordinated by Prof. Arch. Paolo Mellano from Politecnico di Torino

Graduation Project Awards

Politecnico di Milano, 2022-2023 Academic Year

Best Thesis of Graduation Session

Approved by Ordine Architetti Milano

YoungTalent Architecture Award

YTAA EU Mies Award, 2020



Graduation Project Awards
Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture, 2017-2018 Academic Year

3rd Prize

Elif Karabulut

International Award for the Restoration of Mediterranean Architecture

PRAM, Torri in Festa Torri in Luce, 2021
1st Prize

With the design team led by AARCH-MI

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